A seamless blend of social network and marketplace, offering a one-stop shop where customers are rewarded for posting their authentic consumption recommendations.

Bloop Values: We believe that each individual plays a vital role in the lives of those around them, exercising an influence that shapes who they are. We are all influencers!Bloop Mission: To empower every individual by Recognizing and Rewarding their natural influence power.How? By creating a decentralized Marketplace, that distributes sales fees to our customers’ authentic recommendations…

They are the Real Advertisers

We are creating an authentic user powered Marketplace, that gives more economic power to our users.Bloop fosters a more connected society, while giving free advertising to our sellers.Key research outcomes
· 100% of the focus group wants to be on Bloop to track what their friends are buying.
· 80% would post to get the reward

IT’S A WIN WIN FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERSCustomers: Ease of exploring products & services in a Social Network experience; More connected with their friends & relevant to their community; Rewarded by their Influence; More purchasing power and consumption; Leverage of Generative AISellers: Free advertising through customer recommendations; More efficient marketing and management; Opportunity to engage with Gen Z & Y; More reliable metrics and analyticsInvestors: Minimal Customer Acquisition costs thanks to an user-powered system and Higher Conversion Rates; Highly profitable, and scalable business opportunity; “First Mover Advantage” in the area known as the future for e-commerce – Social Shopping

With a meticulously prepared project and an exceptional team, we've achieved something unprecedented in Portugal.We've raised €850,000 as part of a €1.75M Pre-seed round to bring our product to market in April 2025.We still have room for visionary investors who want to be part of the next e-commerce revolution.